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2024 March "Data Logging with Modern Multimeters for Microwavers" Doug Millar K6JEY - talk starts 23:00 into video.

2023 August "QRP Wattmeters" Doug Millar K6JEY - presentations starts 10:10 into video.

2023 July "Begin the 2023 Microwave Contest Season" Dave Laag W6DL

2023 June "Modern DMMs and How to Use Them on Microwaves" Doug Millar K6JEY Meeting Minutes

2023 May "Overview of the new IC-905 Microwave Transceiver" Dave Laag W6DL Meeting Minutes

2023 April "Hawaii-California: Failed attempt at 10 GHz Terrestrial World Record" Rex Moncur VK7MO

2023 March SBMS Swap Meet

2023 February "Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Expansion" Doug Millar K6JEY - presentation

2023 January "SimSmith ( Demonstration" Ken Hendrickson N8KH

2022 December "The History and Importance of Amateur Radio Microwaving in the Southwest" Dave Laag W6DL

2022 November "Computers Can Be Used In Amateur Radio! 1984" Michelle Thompson W5NYV and Paul Williamson KB5MU

2022 October "My First Microwave Project" Loretta Smalls AJ6HO

2022 September "The ARRL '10 GHz and Up' Contest in the Southwest US" Courtney Duncan N5BF

2022 August - 10 GHz and Up Contest Planning Session for 2022

2022 July "The End of the Microwave Tune Up Era" Brian Thorson AF6NA

2022 June "Microwave Radios Engineered for DX and Fun" - concluded (from March), Frank Kelly WB6CWN

2022 May "Microwave Beacon 14.6 and 168 km Propagation Experiments" Dan Slater AG6HF

    Background reading on Beacon Propagation Experiments

2022 April "Proposed Attempt at Extending the 10 GHz Terrestrial Record" Rex Moncur VK7UM with Chip Angle N6CA

    California-Side Preparations with N6CA

    Background reading:  Hawaii to California on 10 GHz

2022 March "Microwave Radios Engineered for DX and Fun" Frank Kelly WB6CWN

    See 2022 June for completion of this talk.

2022 February "Getting on 10 GHz is Easy: Dispelling Myths" Drew Arnett N7DA

    "SBMS Open Source Beacons" N5BF

2022 January "122 GHz Experiments and Construction" Doug Millar K6JEY and Tony Long KC6QHP

    Also see the background reading at and

2021 November "California Rainscatter" Jim Moss N9JIM (courtesy of The 50 MHz and Up Group)

2021 October "10 GHz DVB-S2 Beacon Project and Demo" Michelle Thompson W5NYV

2021 September "Mars Helicopter Telecom" Courtney Duncan N5BF

2021 August - 10 GHz and Up Contest Planning Session for 2021

2021 July Presentation "Add Digital to Contesting" Frank Kelly WB6CWN and Pat Coker N6RMJ

2021 June Presentation "Amateur Microwave Resurgence in a Post-Covid-19 World" Dave Laag W6DL

2021 May Presentation "10 GHz Repeater Project" Mel Swanberg WA6JBD

2021 April Presentation "Receiver Signal to Noise Optimization" Slides Doug Millar K6JEY

2021 March Presentation "EME Analysis Tools" Doug Millar K6JEY

2021 February Presentation - "N5BF 23 cm EME 3.8 m. Upgrade" Courtney Duncan N5BF

2021 January Presentation - How Robert Carter KM6RXN got started in radio and surplus electronics Robert Carter KM6RXN

2020 December Presentation - "SBMS Year 2020 Review" Brian Thorson AF6NA

2020 November Presentation - "Deep Space Communications and the Deep Space Network" Stephen Townes WB4ILW

2020 October Presentation - "Open Source Amateur Radio and Satellite Service Opportunities" Michelle Thompson W5NYV

2020 September Program - Cactus Training for 10 GHz and Up ARRL Contest Operators (private)

2020 August Program - online and on the air discussion of 10 GHz and Up ARRL Contest plans

2020 July Presentation - "Simple Amateur Microwave Receiver Performance Tests" - W6DL - Society Trustee

2020 June Presentation - "The ... Society 2020" Courtney Duncan N5BF Society President

3.4 GHz Situation in the Region

ARRL 9 cm Band Plan 2024

SBMS Recommendation for 3.4 GHz Weak Signal Sub-band

SBMS Response to FCC Docket 19-348 on Facilitating Shared Use in the 3.1-3.55 GHz Band

Presentations to the IEEE International Microwave Symposium Amateur Radio Social Hour

    August 4, 2020 1-3 p.m. PDT

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