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To watch the SBMS meeting live on YouTube go to Amateur Television Network Live on YouTube and click on the "Live Now" window.

To join the SBMS e-mail reflector, visit SBMS Reflector

SBMS December 2019 Holiday Meeting

December 2019

      KM6UKI, WB6DNX, KM6RXN                                              N6RMJ, W6IEE, KC6JPG

     WB6LMN, N6WL                                                                              WB6HYH, W6KVC

      WA6JBD, AF6NA                                                              W6DL, N5BF, KK6MXP

photo: WD5EHM

"What Are We Doing?" Handout for Public Outreach while Operating

Flyer (placeholder until reference URL and ATN YouTube URL can be fixed)

Local Beacons as of January 2021

1296.32 DM12mq Miguel

2304.32 DM14kf Heaps

2304.36 DM12mq (off)

3456.36 DM12mq Miguel

5760.36 DM12mq Miguel

10368.30 DM03ts PV

10368.31 DM04ms Frazier

10368.33 DM14kf Heaps (ID says DM13fr)

10368.36 DM12mq Miguel

E-mail with additional information about DM12mq beacons