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Video of N6RMJ to WB6CWN RainScatter FM QSO 8/9/22

SBMS December 2021 Holiday Meeting


      KB5MU, KM6RXN,W5NYV,   N6WL,KM6UKI, W6KVC, Sean O.

  W6DL,  KK6MXP, K6HLH,      WB6HYH,  KC6JPG, AF6EP,    N5BF

        WA6OXN,    WA6JBD,        WA6CGR,          N6CA,    WA6SVH

photo: Linda Johnston

"What Are We Doing?" Handout for Public Outreach while Operating

Flyer (placeholder until reference URL and ATN YouTube URL can be fixed)

Local Beacons as of January 2023

1296.32 DM12mq Miguel

2304.32 DM14kf Heaps

2304.36 DM12mq (off)

3456.36 DM12mq (QRT, as of April 2022, band is 3400-3450 only)

5760.36 DM12mq Miguel

10368.30 DM03ts Palos Verdes (60 seconds of carrier and CW ID, 60 seconds of Q65-60D)

10368.31 DM04ms Frazier

10368.33 DM14kf Heaps (ID says DM13fr, it was moved from Santiago)

10368.36 DM12mq Miguel

E-mail with additional information about DM12mq beacons

W3SZ Aircraft Scatter

K0SM beta Rain Scatter

From 2022 January QST p. 56-57, Microwavelengths with W1GHZ

Society Overview

The San Bernardino Microwave Society is one of the premier technical
amateur radio technical groups in the ARRL Southwestern Division.
"Dedicated to the advancement of communications above 1000 Mc/s" since
1955, the Society provides a focal point for microwave experimentation
and operation of amateur radio equipment by radio amateurs of all
technical levels.  The membership is active in the amateur microwave
frequency bands including the 1.2, 2.4, 3,4, 5.7, 10, 24, 47, 76, 122
GHz, and beyond.  Activities include analog/digital narrowband weak
signal contest or contest-style QSOs from mountaintop portable or roving
or home stations, amateur satellite and earth-moon-earth operation,
analog and digital amateur television, MESH networks, and reception of
weather satellites or other weak signal sources such as beacons.  All
Society activities utilize state-of-the-art technologies ranging from
home-brewed to ready-made hardware, or the adaptation of surplus
equipment and modules.  Members of the Society have broad amateur and
professional experience, expertise, and resources in these and other
technologies and the interactions and relationships facilitated by the
Society are beneficial and enabling to all involved.
Society activities include major participation in the ARRL "10 GHz and
Up" competition held every August and September, sponsorship of the "2
GHz and Up" competition held each spring, monthly home-to-home operating
events, and an annual microwave gear "Tune-Up" workshop.  The Society
meets monthly (first Thursday at 7 p.m. local time) at the American
Legion Hall in Corona, California, features a Zoom link for remote
participation, and is carried live on the Amateur Television Network and
YouTube with national and worldwide coverage respectively.  Meetings
also feature informal microwave and other electronic equipment swapping
opportunities, both to specific construction needs and "general
Currently, the Society is developing an 'open source' microwave beacon
design intended to extend SBMS-associated beacon capabilities in
southern California and to enable other technically oriented groups to
promote microwave development, experimentation, and operation by
providing locally accessible signals for users to test equipment under
development and construction.
Anyone who is interested in any of these areas is welcome and will
benefit from association with the San Bernardino Microwave Society.  See