Vice President Robert Carter KM6RXN in "Microwavelengths" column, January 2023 QST p. 56.

Robert Carter KM6RXN in January 2023 QST p. 56

SBMS December 2019 Holiday Meeting

December 2019

      KM6UKI, WB6DNX, KM6RXN                               N6RMJ, W6IEE, KC6JPG

     WB6LMN, N6WL                                                             WB6HYH, W6KVC

      WA6JBD, AF6NA                                             W6DL, N5BF, KK6MXP

photo: WD5EHM

Unknown date, probably in the 1960s.


Microwave DX - California Style, September 1970 QST

SBMS 40th anniversary QST Article (March 1995 p. 46-50) by WA6OWD (W6DL)

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