Microwave Tune Up Party - Open to All!
Posted by Courtney Duncan

The San Bernardino Microwave Society announces the first Post-Pandemic Microwave Tune Up Party.

If you have an interest in Amateur Microwave at any level or know someone who does, the Microwave Tune Up Party this Saturday is a must.  You can see a variety of 10 GHz and 24 GHz radios in operation while being tested for maximum EIRP (effective isotropic radiated power) and minimum MDS (minimum discernable signal) in preparation for the upcoming 10 GHz and up contest weekends in August and September (see Information ( ).  Most importantly, you will meet other "microwavers" ranging from the newly operational to the highly experienced.  Brian AF6NA works very hard to set up the event location and test equipment and to document each participant's radio performance.

This is a rare annual activity where regional microwavers all gather in one place with their gear.  (On contest weekends we are spread across mountaintops and beside highways throughout the southwest.  Rigs are not generally exhibited on meeting nights unless they are the subject of a Technical Talk.)  Come observe microwave operation in action and mingle with the pros!

This event has been a long-standing tradition to kick-off summertime microwave activity in the Southern California region.  in pre-pandemic years the turnout has been quite large.  (See, for example, 08sbms2016.pdf ( or 08sbms2019.pdf ( .)

After testing has been completed there will be an opportunity to observe short and long haul microwave contacts, analog and digital.

Where:  Fairview Park, Costa Mesa.  2501 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

When:  Saturday July 24, 2021 at 0900 PDT.  Anyone wishing to assist with setup can arrive any time after 0700.

Bring a mask just in case.

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73 Courtney N5BF president, Dave W6DL trustee, and Brian AF6NA tune up coordinator - SBMS