Home to Home Wednesday 03/03/2021
Posted by Courtney Duncan

Our monthly Home to Home event will be held Wednesday evening March 3, 2021.  Nominal time is 2000-2200 PST (0400-0600 UTC) but the guys in Arizona like to get on earlier so plan accordingly.  (Next month PDT will equal MST so this will be less of a problem.)  Coordinate on Cactus.

There has been increasing emphasis on digital attempts in recent months.  I'm working on the capability myself, having just downloaded the latest WSJT-X here.  Some new modes have fast exchanges that enhance the chances of making it on airplane bounce or other brief propagation ups and our members are experimenting and learning the subtleties.  Our July 2021 program will be on this topic and it would be great to see enough standardization that we could be trying these very low SNR techniques at our July Tune Up and in the August / September contest weekends.  If something like this gives us a scoring edge on the west coast it could start something nationwide!

That said, the tuneup is for everyone.  Bring whatever you have and work whoever you can work.

73 and talk to you Wednesday, Courtney N5BF