2023 Officers (use qrz.com e-mail addresses to contact directly)

President Dave Laag W6DL

Vice President Robert Carter KM6RXN

Recording Secretary Steve Barden WA6OXN

Corresponding Secretary Jeff Fort KN6VR

Treasurer Brian Thorson AF6NA

W6IFE Trustee Dave Laag W6DL

Compliance Officer Marty Woll N6VI

Lab Manager Dave Glawson WA6CGR

ARRL Interface Frank Kelly WB6CWN

Newsletter Editor Steve Barden WA6OXN

Website Frank Kromann AG6QV

Immediate Past President Courtney Duncan N5BF

American Legion Hall Point of Contact Brian Thorson AF6NA

Mailing Address

San Bernardino Microwave Society

417 South Associated RD. #146

Brea, CA 92821